Our Value System - 4C

The main business pillars of Strategic Alliance on which the entire value system is developed is based on 4 'C's. They are detailed as below:

The dictionary meaning of the word competence is "The quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually".

Strategic Alliance believes in compentence at the core of whatever it does. It only undertakes the work where at it has core competency. It is always the prime goal to achieve domain and technical competency of whatever we indulge into. Strategic Alliance defines competency based on education, training, skills and demonstrated ability in a particular field.

We strieve to achieve the highest competency at a personnel level, team level and business leve. It is a norm to recruit competent personnels only as the team members and then to provide team level competencies thus making the business competent.

The dictionary defines commitment as "The trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose" and also as "The act of binding oneself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action". Strategic Alliance believes in commitment towards its client and cause of the client. We bind ourself to the cause of completing our client's job with the best quality in time with utmost sincerity and steadfast fixity.

Commitment is one of the Key Performance Area on which our professionals are rated, and we pride in the fact that none has been rated low till this date.

Dictionary defines Confidence as "freedom from doubt and belief in oneself and ones abilities". This is the quality which one can develop only by the virtue of full competence and sheer commitment. With confidence we serve our clients.

Strategic Alliance believes that "The Customer is the King". We continually strive to provide the customer with higher level of fulfillment and satisfaction then the previous encounter. This we achieve by providing the customer with the right solution at the right time using the right technology.

Customer satisfaction is the key to a good customer relationship. The fact that we get more than 50% of our revenues from repeat businesses of our clients highlight the level of the customer satisfaction we provide and the relationship that we maintain.